Short Summary

Garber Park is a 13-acre wildland park owned by the City of Oakland located behind the Claremont Hotel in Claremont Canyon. Garber Park is home to significant stands of big-leaf maple, California buckeyes and regenerating coast live oak woodland and forest. The Garber Park Stewards vision is to safeguard the native wildland resources of Garber Park while reducing the risk of wildfire and improving the trail system.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Rewarding Mid-Summer Workday

BobS dove into the knee high ivy and
uncovered a California Buckeye!

In a short time mounds of ivy removed and
ferns freed.
Working in Fern Glade has become the most rewarding and satisfying experience, and today, even those who always head for the steep slopes removing thistles and himalayan blackberry joined us pulling ivy along the Claremont Trail and in expanding Fern Glade - Garber's Fern Garden  A perfect Summer day of "freeing up the ferns."  But I'll  let the pictures do the talking.......And, do come and visit Garber - a gem of a wildland park, just behind the Claremont Hotel in Claremont Canyon.

Lauren, Garber's newest Steward, from the
 Claremont Hotel's Sustainability Committee,
 is all smiles as she freed a hillside
of ferns from the trail just above Fern Glade.
An hour ago this beautiful grove of ferns
was smothered in ivy.

Fern Glade today - it's hard to believe that 1 1/2 years ago Fern Glade was smothered in
ivy.  It was  Lech Naumovich, Golden Hour Restoration Institute, that had the vision
that the ferns and other natives would thrive once the ivy was removed.  The flags represent
the ferns that we uncovered in December, 2013 - the rest propagated since.  Click here to see pictures of that workshop in which Fern Glade was born.